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All Fall Down Series

2001 – 2004

Just after a trip to London, where I was inspired by the extremes of both contemporary and Victorian era architecture and objects, the horrific attack and collapse of the World Trade Center towers occurred on September 11, 2001. The confluence of the trip and the horrific devastation of the events that followed triggered a new use for the images I had gathered in London. This series of paintings evoked the tension and fragility of another “momento mori” allegory. The Victorian period offered specific portentous scrollwork of funeral urns, snakes attacking innocent flower baskets, ominous flames, and the ubiquitous, militant black wrought-iron fences and gates that surround many homes and buildings in that city. This unease is set against the colorful folly of the bridges that cross the Thames River, the calmness of the alfresco cafes with upturned teacups left by the departed occupants.