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Perpetuity Series:

Perpetuity Series (Wall Flowers and Candy Servers)


This series is comprised of paintings on canvas and paper, as well as drawings and three-dimensional wall reliefs and objects.

A series of stacked “centerpieces”, glued together from found tableware and domestic objects, were made in the early 2000s as an extension of similar painted still-life objects embedded in many series of paintings. They were meant as follies to serve candy and lead to a digression of putting together broken and discarded objects in other formats. The small “wall flowers” wall reliefs started in about 2009 as a jump off to allude to the floral/funeral wreaths and bouquet images depicted in the “Perpetuity” series. Many of the shards came from my own and friends' fallen and broken plates, cups, and some smashed “centerpieces” that originally started the process. This work literally and figuratively allows for resurrection and homage. They’re a miniature metaphor of the “Perpetuity” paintings.


Wall Flowers
2009 – present
variable dimensions (about 14x9x4 inches to 5x3x3 inches)
plastic, ceramic, glass on wood base

Centerpiece Candy Servers
2003 – 2007
variable dimensions (about 3x1 feet to 1 foot x 8 inches circumference)
plastic, ceramic, glass, paint

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